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Get peace of mind with complete protection for your medical devices 

Effective protection for your medical devices - made simple

With a wealth of complexities around protecting thousands of endpoint devices, many healthcare providers currently have unsecure medical devices and untold vulnerabilities waiting to be discovered by cyber criminals.

But what if you could easily monitor and secure all your devices, without the hassle and complexities of manual inspection and patching?

The Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE) is a purpose-built solution making it easy for IT, security, and clinical engineering to secure all medical devices with minimal effort.

Simply plug it in to your network and it gets to work:

  • Discovering and classifying every device
  • Identifying active threats
  • Mitigating threats
  • Providing an asset inventory
  • Making inventory procurement and deployment easy
  • Accelerating network segmentation
  • and more...

Complete our form now to get your no obligation technical demo from one of our consultants, and get total peace of mind knowing you have the best possible protection for you, your devices and your end users.


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