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Enabling Governance and Control for Microsoft Teams

Why do we need Governance365?

As the adoption of Teams in a large organisation like an NHS Trust becomes more wide-spread, many users will begin to use it in a way that contravenes or overlooks existing policies. For example, the sharing of patient data. The NHS needs a self-service solution that empowers the organisation to create Teams in an approved and consistent way, in line with policies and governance. Governance365 is designed to allow an NHS organisation to stay in control of their Teams environment without out of control provisioning or needing the IT team to complete requests. 

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Beta Programme


The NHS can sign up to participate in the Governance365 Beta Programme. In this programme we will work with you to:

  • Deploy Governance365 to protect your Teams environment
  • Identify the policies that are needed to support your organisation
  • Create new policies and allocate them to existing teams
  • Create a plan for the adoption of Governance365 by the Teams end-users. 

Hear what Mark Bostock, Director of IM&T at University Hospitals North Midlands has to say about the Governance365 Beta Programme:

Choose Governance365 with M8 Solutions

By choosing M8 Solutions for your Governance365 solution, you can ensure that your personal data and private information is secure at all times, with correct parameters and rules in place to protect data being shared incorrectly between departments or external organisations, through a common set of policies. Speak to us today and get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your data is safe.