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Advancements in Data Security and Protection for the NHS

Data Security and Protection for NHS partners

At M8 Solutions, we prioritise keeping our NHS partners informed about critical updates that impact their operations and data security protocols. By September 2024, the Data Security and Protection Toolkit (DSPT) will undergo significant revisions to align more closely with the Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) from the National Cyber Security Centre.

The CAF functions as a comprehensive framework designed to evaluate and guide organisations in effectively managing cyber risks. It emphasises a structured, methodical security approach, concentrating on outcomes in key areas such as risk management, cyber attack prevention, security event detection, and incident impact minimisation. By aligning the DSPT with the CAF, the framework enhances decision-making, fosters continuous improvement, and nurtures a proactive security culture rather than mere adherence to the regulations.

This transition forms part of a broader strategy to fortify cyber security and information governance within the health and care sector, promoting a culture that values robust risk management and ongoing enhancement. The CAF-aligned DSPT will introduce a new user interface for NHS Trusts, CSUs, ALBs, and ICBs, outlining clear objectives, principles, and outcomes to direct your cyber security initiatives.

What does this mean for your organisation?

The migration to a CAF-based framework will not only uphold but potentially strengthen cyber security and information governance controls where necessary, ensuring that your data handling processes align with evolving security standards. Moreover, this update presents an opportunity to review and improve your cyber security measures in response to emerging threats.

To aid you during this transition, NHS England will be providing detailed guidance and hosting webinars. These resources are tailored to help you comprehend and navigate the revised DSPT, ensuring that your organisation can effectively meet the new requirements.

How can we support you?

Navigating these changes may present challenges. M8 Solutions offers expert assistance in adapting to the CAF-aligned DSPT. Whether you require guidance on the new framework, staff training, or an evaluation of your current cyber security measures against the updated standards, our team possesses the expertise and experience to assist you.

Let M8 Solutions assist in taking care of your Cyber Security requirements

With M8 Solutions you don't need your team to be experts in all areas of cyber security. You can trust that we will help you to identify the correct solutions for your unique requirements and deliver the optimal cyber security services for your healthcare organisation.

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