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Delivering Technicity with Integrity


Our disparate NHS, formed of many previously competing and separate organisations, continues to overcome huge inefficiencies, clinical risk, and waste across the whole economy. The NHS currently employs more than 1.7 million people. It is the biggest employer in the UK, and the fifth largest in the World.


NHS Procurement

The NHS procures over £30 billion of goods and services every year to help ensure patients get the care they need. It spends this money with over 80,000 suppliers across major sectors of the economy from estates, transport, and food, to medical devices and technology, all of whom are critical to the delivery of world class care.

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NHS Financial Challenges

As a result of the serious financial challenges being faced by the NHS, NHS organisations are having to meet the need for huge savings while still making significant improvements to patient safety. NHS organisations are having to do more with far less and are looking to technology and process redesign to assist in achieving these goals. This is increasingly challenging.


It could be said.....

It could be said - if we believe many of the available news articles that:

“The NHS is becoming a ‘cash cow’ for consultancy firms as contracts quadruple in value.”

“Frankly, many suppliers treat the NHS as a cash cow.”

“Our NHS should not be a cash cow for profiteering pharmaceutical companies.”

“Delivery plans turn NHS into cash cow.”

The list of headlines is endless....

NHS England last year (2022) allocated £83m for outsourced consultants.

The case stands, it could be said - that NHS suppliers can be unscrupulous and take advantage when permitted to do so.

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M8 Solutions is built on a firm foundation of Integrity

M8 Solutions is built on a firm foundation of integrity, our success is through long term relationships built on trust.

We have NHS procurement framework agreements in place, we have a deep understanding of the budgetary constraints, complexities and many other challenges faced by the NHS. This understanding means we can provide our valued clients with the most efficient, cost-effective digital solutions and services backed up with a passionate, motivated team who continue to push the boundaries of what convention says is possible. Our people are our business and are the key to our client’s and our success. We only work with the best, we know when to say no. Personality and fit is just as important as skills and qualifications. We deliver on outcomes that surpass all expectations. We are fuelled by optimism and a belief that technology can create a brighter future for the NHS, its staff, patients and their environment. That’s why each of our technology solutions will be designed to help you deliver today’s unique needs whilst making sure you have a foundation fit for your unique future requirements.


Let's do big things together!