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Ordr Systems Control Engine

Discover, secure and monitor your IoT clinical devices

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How It Works

The Solution

The Ordr Systems Control Engine (SCE) is a purpose-built solution making it easy for IT, security, and clinical engineering to secure all medical devices with minimal effort. It is a case of simply plugging it into the network, it then proves an intuitive user interface to discover and classify every device on the network. This enables you to build and manage a micro segmentation policy to keep them out of the path of cyber attacks originating both inside and outside of the hospital. The Order SCE continues to scan and update you so you will always know the security risk level of every device, and you can identify active threats and isolate affected devices, all from one dashboard.



Asset and inventory management

Visibility and classification of all network assets. Identify devices with vulnerabilities.



Identify devices with legacy operating systems or deployed in the wrong VLAN or subnet.


Device utilisation

Understand how devices are used to manage procurement, device maintenance and end-of-life.


NAC augmentation

Complement and accelerate your NAC deployment.


Threat detection

Identify devices that are behaving abnormally, have vulnerabilities or weak passwords/certificates.

Segmentation Ordr


Generate and enforce granular segmentation policies. Align with Zero Trust and CARTA frameworks.

How It Works

Let M8 Solutions bring Ordr Systems Control Engine to your organisation

With M8 Solutions you don't need your team to be experts in all areas of IT, you can trust that we will help you to identify the correct solutions and deliver the optimal IT services for your growing organisation.

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Why Choose Us?

The NHS is in danger from insecure clinical IoT devices, cyberattacks are indiscriminate and can damage everything in their path that has not been protected. Insecure clinical devices are particularly vulnerable. M8 Solutions is highlighting the need for a solution because we can see that:

  • We recognise that current device security methods aren’t working for all: clinical, estates and facilities IoT devices are typically insecure, and many can’t be discretely secured. Addressing the situation with manual patches or network segmentation is impractical as there are several thousand devices that are affected. 
  • M8 Solutions hear about unclear security ownership: it is often unclear who is responsible for clinical device security, for example, and it can be very challenging to manage these devices within a hospital setting.
  • Time is of the essence: insecure clinical devices are a hidden vulnerability right now. Cyber attacks can threaten lives and the reputation of the NHS. Organisations need to address the security of their IoT devices immediately to ensure the risks of attack are minimised- that is where M8 Solutions and Ordr can help.