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Core IT Services

Complete IT solutions to enable businesses to reach optimal efficiency and achieve growth objectives

Core IT Services with M8 Solutions

We are your IT collaboration partner. M8 Solutions offers a full suite of IT services to enable your business to run smoothly and efficiently. 

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Cloud services

Cloud Services

Among most IT service providers and internal IT organisations, there is a tendency to approach cloud and virtualisation from an overly technical perspective. The technology-first approach can often overlook the knock-on impacts to both the business and the IT organisation. 

The unique selling point of our Cloud and Virtualisation Services is our high-level programme approach, which ensures that the requirements of all stakeholders throughout the IT organisation and the business community are both identified and managed.

IT contracting services

IT Contracting Services

Ensuring availability of skills and resources at the right time can cause unnecessary pain for a lot of IT, HR and recruiting managers, especially with a focus on keeping permanent headcount to a minimum.

If there is a shortage of skilled resources available, critical projects and services are at risk.  We have an open-minded approach to contracting services and welcome the opportunity to engage with you and your team.

Networking services from M8 solutions


M8 Solutions take networking seriously. The quality, performance and security of your network is critical in healthcare and the backbone of any business. We install, manage, support and work with your in-house team. We can analyse your IT infrastructure in order to improve and maximise the functionality of your network. We will set priorities that match your personnel and budget requirements and maintain this throughout our partnership.

Telephony services from M8 solutions


Getting reliable results from a telecommunications system requires thorough planning, installation and ongoing management. Our consultants understand every aspect of telecommunications, from strategy and project management through to installation and implementation. Ensuring industry standards are met and quality assured.

Office and Public access WiFi


Whether delivering patient services or device access to clinical or corporate systems, WiFi plays a critical part in any environment.  Our focus remains firmly on delivering the latest technology to meet your current requirements, with future evolution in mind.
24/7 helpdesk maintenance and support

Maintenance & Support

Our 24/7 helpdesk, based in Manchester,  offers a wide range of maintenance and support services. We cover everything from product development, application development, product maintenance and feature enhancement, all the way through to platform migration.

Let M8 Solutions take care of your Core IT requirements

With M8 Solutions you don't need your team to be experts in all areas of IT, you can trust that we will help you to identify the correct solutions and deliver the optimal IT services for your growing organisation.