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Meet your M8s: Tracy Scriven

Our team at M8 has evolved over the last couple of months, bringing in new faces and new skills to the company. We thought now would be a great time to pose some questions to the team and get some insights into what makes our new M8s tick! 

Tracy Scriven

Tracy Scriven

What do you do at M8: Co-Founder & Lead Consultant (also known as Work Mother)

Do you have any nicknames: Scriv is the standard however there are many more 😊

Tracy 2Do you have any hidden skills: I can horse ride, scuba dive and ski, there was a time when I found it easy, however now, I ache from head to toe the day after.

What is your favourite food: Bran Flakes

If you could do anything today, what would you do: I love to sleep, seriously – I love it, just don’t do it enough.

Apart from working at M8, what’s your dream job: I like my job, this is it – not having to tolerate bull shit. Getting up every morning and being me and working with people, and for people I want to be around – I should have done it years ago.

What do you most enjoy doing on your day off: If I said sleeping, I would sound very boring. I am actually loving my garden at the moment, I have a pond and really enjoy the fish, frogs and wildlife I have in the garden. I am also suffering empty nest syndrome now Darcy is independent so I am finding myself DIY’ing all over the house.

Where is your favourite place: Oh my goodness, its Finland. We love Finland. It is great to ski, its just such an adventure when we go to Finland - this is where we saw the Aurora borealis for the first time. First time we drove a Ski-Doo, first time we went on a reindeer sleigh and a husky sledge. Darcy caught her very first fish - ice fishing, we loved go-carting on the ice, horse riding through the snow – it was like Narnia. Oh we love Finland, last time we went it was about -30 degrees and our eyelashes actually froze!! We’ve probably been there about 5 times now and I would choose Finland as our number 1 winter holiday.

Tracy 4

Where would you like to visit on holiday: I’d go anywhere, it’s not about the destination for me it’s all about the company 😊. However, when you do find an awesome place like Finland it’s a win win.


What is your favourite tv show or film: The Holiday, definitely The Holiday – love it or could be Love Actually – a bit sad and girly but very true.

Who would be at your fantasy dinner party: Robin Williams – I loved that man, quite fancy The Rock. I’d really like to sit and natter all night to Stephen Mulhern he makes me laugh, I’d want to mother him!

tracy 3

What is your favourite drink: Gin Gin and Gin, I’m actually starting to drink Prosecco too but only with fresh strawberries. My favourite and only wine is a pink one its Beringer.

What is your biggest accomplishment outside of work: : Being a momma to an independent, funny, charismatic, hardworking, dedicated nearly 18 year old beautiful young lady named Darcy – who as it happens is abandoning me for her 18th Birthday and going away with her mate who also happens to be 18 the day after Darcy. Watch out London – here they come…………

What is your favourite joke: What did the policeman say to his tummy? Freeze. You’re under a vest hahahaha 😆😆😆

Who is your favourite band: I just love party music, anything that gets you up to jig, no favourite band really, love a bit of Abba, bit of Take That – I’m quite predictable with music.

What character from film, tv or literature do you most identify with: Bridget Jones – definitely!! 😁

What’s your favourite colour: Pink, pink and pink

What annoys you most: People who tolerate a toxic environment – why would you?

What did you want to be when you grew up: A wife and a mother to 6 children on a big farm with lots of animals….hahahah…honest. 51 years later - never been engaged or married, Darcy was a very welcome surprise and it’s just been me and Darcy since before she was born. Just for the record I am absolutely delighted with the outcome and absolutely would not change a thing – I’m going to grow old to be ‘that’ crazy old spinster dog woman.

Who was on your bedroom wall when you were a kid: This is going to sound really strange but Gary Glitter, Michael Jackson then Adam Ant came a bit later.

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