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Meet your M8s: Paul Hinchy

Our team at M8 has evolved over the last couple of months, bringing in new faces and new skills to the company. We thought now would be a great time to pose some questions to the team and get some insights into what makes our new M8s tick! 

Paul Hinchy

Paul Hinchy

What do you do at M8: I’m one half of the duo steering this ship

Do you have any nicknames: Well Tracy has called me Chee for years, other than that I don’t think I do

Paul familyDo you have any hidden skills: If I do say so myself, I’m an artist when it comes to pegging washing out. The first day of summer is the day I clip my peg bag on my waist band and string those lines out.

What is your favourite food: Is there a maximum number of characters for this reply, Nicky? I love a pizza, I also love curry. Can’t beat my mum’s Sunday roast. Partial to a well stacked sandwich too … see where I’m going with this

If you could do anything today, what would you do: Now the suns been out a couple of days is got me in the mood for a beach holiday. So if I could do anything today it would be spend the morning on the beach in Tingaki, Kos diving in the waves with my boys, enjoying some whitebait and a Greek salad at lunch and an afternoon round the pool listening to Arctic Monkeys

Apart from working at M8, what’s your dream job: Professional golfer chasing the sun

golf courseWhat do you most enjoy doing on your day off: Round of golf at sun up, somewhere under a blue sky with the family for the afternoon to stretch the legs some more and get the dog (Socks) running about. Then meet up with friends at our local food and drink market

Where is your favourite place: oh, I’ve a few (is that allowed?). I love Conwy Golf Course, stunning place to play golf but must walk around with your head up. I mentioned Tingaki in Kos earlier, that’s a favourite place of mine also.

Where would you like to visit on holiday: Considering the world as it is right now, I wouldn’t be too fussy but I would love to get back to Santorini

What is your favourite tv show or film: Love watching Friday Night Dinner with the family, very funny. Lots of favourite films and comedy always wins for me. Anchorman, Step Brothers, they’re a solid go to

Who would be at your fantasy dinner party: : Alex Turner (lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys), Jay Z and Tiger Woods

What is your favourite drink: Dandelion & Burdock but must be accompanied with chippy 😊

What is your biggest accomplishment outside of work: My two boys

Paul Hinchy footballWhat is your favourite joke: I save the jokes for my best mate Gaz, but most a probably not for this forum 😆😆😆

Who is your favourite band: Arctic Monkeys

What character from film, tv or literature do you most identify with: Happy Gilmour...go home ball! 😁

What’s your favourite colour: Black

What annoys you most: City losing a Champions League final (it’s still very, very raw)

What did you want to be when you grew up: A professional footballer

Who was on your bedroom wall when you were a kid: hmm, earliest poster I recall sticking on my bedroom wall was a picture of the Raleigh Street Wolf Bike. Not a who but a what

If you want to connect with Paul on Linkedin click here or click here to find him on Twitter

Next time we'll be giving you the lowdown on what makes Katie Wheatley, M8's Apprentice Healthcare Consultant, tick. In the meantime if you'd like to keep up to date with all our latest goings on, click the buttons to follow us on Linkedin or Twitter

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